Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Day two. (Zook camera)

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Scenes from downtown Pittsburgh on a Saturday morning.
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We were all surprised at the cleanliness and overall beauty of Pittsburgh. For Steel City this was a refreshing discovery,
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The allegheny County Courthoouse is just one example of the beautiful architecture found in this city.
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Our hotel had a pool on the second floor with a huge skylight. Made it very hot and humid and caused my sleepiness to overwhelm me.
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At about 5:30 we walked to PNC Park for a Cardinals/Pirates baseball game.
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This makes stadium number 23 for me, number 9 for Venus, number 6 for JJ, number 5 for Baylee and number 3 for Jeff.
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The Hall of Famer, Roberto Clemente played his entire career in Pittsburgh.
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Clemente got his 3,000th hit on his last at bat of his career. He died in a plane crash while on an aid mission to Nicaragua. The movie "Chasing 3000" tells of two kids quest to see him get number 3000 and is an excellent movie.
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