Pittsburgh and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Day two and three. (Zook camera)

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every team has a mascot, but I have no idea what the Pirates mascot is all about.
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I've always thought this stadium looks gorgeous on TV and it looks the same in real life.
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As a bonus, they treated us to an incredible fireworks display after the game.
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I would rank this fireworks as the best show I've ever personally witnessed..
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Rest at the hotel, an awful night's sleep, for me, and then on to Shanksville.
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The National Park Service is doing a nice job of turning this into a solemn place of reverence and tribute.
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we added our comments and were told that all of the memorabilia that had been left at the temporary memorials have been saved and are being catalogued..
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some of the past items will rotate on display at the Visitor Center and eventually everything will be accessible digitally on a web site. I can't wait to find the dollar bill that Venus, JJ and I signed and left in 2003.
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