Washington, DC Day seven. (Zook camera)

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If you're going to DC, you need to take the ride to Arlington National Cemetary and see the Changing of The Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.
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JJ noticed right away that the Sergeant in charge here is the same guy who was in charge in 2003.
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A closer look at the pictures from that 2003 trip confirmed that idea. Must be an amazing man to do this for so long.
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Going to Arlington on the hotteest day in DC in over a decade made us miss the final Trolley run, cut short by the extreme heat, and forced us to ride the Metro again. We had a very unhelpful worker there who we gave up on and took our chances on where we were going and how to pay to get our of the Metro later. It worked out OK, but Jeff and JJ snuck through the gate and Venus begged another worker with our sad story to let us out gratis.
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And later it was on to stadium number 25 for me, 11 for Venus, 8 for JJ, 7 for Baylee and 5 for Jeff.
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Venus especially liked the recycle cans in this stadium.
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