The Fremont Street Experience

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Walking the Strip

I had never been to Downtown Las Vegas before. I didn't even know it was such an amazing place, that it is the very beginning of the city nor that it had such a spectacular attraction as the four block long overhead video system. Very impressive, and I highly recommend spending some time here. In fact, I think staying in a hotel here would be preferable to staying on the Strip. Much less traffic and congestion and plenty of entertainment, much of it for free.

LV2009S 203.jpg


LV2009S 037.jpg


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LV2009S 039.jpg


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The Golden Gate Casino and Hotel is the first hotel erected in Las Vegas in 1906 shortly after the railroad station had been established and Las Vegas was a stop on the railway west. Of course, it looks nothing like it originally looked and has gone through many name changes through the years but it still stands. We had dinner here.

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The menu for the Bay City Diner, a San Francisco theme restaurant inside the Golden Gate Casino. The Hotel and Casino opened the same year of the San Francisco earthquake and fire. Outside the casino on the street was a steel cage that would provide motorcycle entertainment that amazed us. See the video. Also above us was the four block long video display rang out Don McLean's American Pie.

LV2009V 031.jpg


Cage Motorcycles Video


American Pie Overhead Video

Walking the Strip

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