Walking the Strip

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The Grand Canyon West

Another day spent wandering along the Strip with closer inspection of some of the hotels. Our Deuce double-decker bus passes were still active, so we started at the far south end of the Strip and visited Mandalay Bay to see the shark and fish exhibits and the sting ray petting pool.

LV2009V 004.jpg


LV2009V 005.jpg


LV2009V 006.jpg


LV2009V 007.jpg


LV2009V 011.jpg


LV2009V 013.jpg


LV2009V 053.jpg


LV2009V 054.jpg


LV2009V 055.jpg


LV2009V 058.jpg


LV2009V 070.jpg


LV2009V 071.jpg


LV2009V 087.jpg


LV2009V 093.jpg


LV2009V 097.jpg

This starfish appears to be giving onlookers the finger!

LV2009V 099.jpg


LV2009V 111.jpg


LV2009V 112.jpg


LV2009V 113.jpg


LV2009V 123.jpg

The week after this trip my daughter and I would watch the movie 7 Pounds, starring Will Smith, a great movie, by the way, featuring a jellyfish who plays an important role in the story.

LV2009V 119.jpg


LV2009V 128.jpg


LV2009V 133.jpg


LV2009V 139.jpg


LV2009V 136.jpg


LV2009V 141.jpg


LV2009V 138.jpg


LV2009V 135.jpg


LV2009V 140.jpg


LV2009V 137.jpg

The Venetian Hotel looks like a miniature Venice. Gondolas floating along with the driver serenading his passengers.

LV2009V 032.jpg


LV2009S 049.jpg


LV2009S 050.jpg


LV2009V 040.jpg


LV2009V 059.jpg

This hotel was an interesting walk through. The ceiling was painted like the Sistine Chapel and like the great outdoors, blue sky and clouds.

LV2009V 083.jpg


LV2009V 033.jpg


LV2009S 051.jpg


LV2009S 052.jpg


LV2009S 053.jpg


LV2009V 015.jpg


LV2009V 018.jpg


LV2009V 021.jpg


LV2009V 034.jpg


LV2009V 043.jpg


LV2009S 054.jpg


LV2009S 055.jpg


LV2009S 056.jpg


LV2009S 057.jpg


LV2009S 058.jpg


LV2009V 029.jpg


LV2009V 042.jpg


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LV2009V 047.jpg


LV2009V 077.jpg


LV2009V 066.jpg


LV2009V 068.jpg


LV2009V 076.jpg


LV2009V 026.jpg


LV2009V 028.jpg


LV2009V 107.jpg


LV2009V 132.jpg


LV2009V 134.jpg


LV2009V 137.jpg


LV2009V 084.jpg


LV2009V 088.jpg


LV2009V 041.jpg


LV2009V 062.jpg


LV2009V 106.jpg


LV2009V 098.jpg

Inside the Venetian was a pool of cranberries floating on water. This seemed to fascinate the kids and adults alike. I have no idea why, but it was magnetic.

LV2009V 003.jpg


LV2009S 059.jpg


LV2009S 060.jpg


LV2009S 061.jpg


LV2009S 062.jpg


LV2009V 072.jpg


LV2009V 073.jpg


LV2009V 048.jpg


LV2009V 060.jpg

There was this floor in the Venetian that looked odd. Venus hollered at me, "Hey dad, QBert!" I used to be a big fan of the arcade game by that name. I chuckled and then took a picture and noticed that the squares on the floor looked very different than without a camera lens. Sure enough, the floor looks like it is in 3-D in the pictures.

LV2009V 019.jpg


LV2009S 063.jpg


LV2009S 064.jpg


LV2009S 065.jpg


LV2009V 020.jpg

This fascinated everyone for awhile and prompted some odd stares from people as I got down for a close up of the weird floor. Seriously, you couldn't see this phenomenon with your bare eyes. Only the camera lens brought it out. Weird!

LV2009V 124.jpg


LV2009S 066.jpg


LV2009S 067.jpg


LV2009S 068.jpg


LV2009V 110.jpg

The Grand Canyon West

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