Guano Point - Arizona

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The Valley of Fire - Nevada

After the SkyWalk at Eagle Point we hopped on the shuttle bus and went to the next stop at Grand Canyon West, Guano Point. Yes, Bat Shit Point. I know. The name came from the old mining operation where bat guano was removed from the other side of the canyon and brought back to be used in cosmetics and various other products. Yeah, bat shit.

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Our tour gave us the option to eat at any stop, so we chose Guano Point as our place. It was a hot meal of barbecue, which was delicious, corn on the cob and vegetables. However, it was very cold and windy there and the food cooled down very quickly. I shivered all the while I was eating but the nourishment gave me strength to do some exploring.

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I like pictures of birds flying, or nesting. Images of the canyon in the background with a tree in the foreground are nice, too.

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Baylee had hidden under a rock in hopes of surprising her parents, so I played along with her. I snapped their picture with Baylee hiding under the rock next to them and they didn't even know it. Funny.

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We approached the leftovers of the old tram that carried the workers and the guano across 8800 hundred feet of canyon. Only the structure on this side is left standing and JJ loved crawling around inside it.

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I saw a movie one time about a tram that ran across the canyon but I can't remember what the name of it was. I'm betting that this is the place where it was filmed. Hmmm. If anyone has a clue, e-mail me at

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Everyone is having a good time climbing around on the rocks. The weather was still quite cool and the wind was blowing but while you were moving and climbing about, it doesn't seem to matter.

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The Colorado River in the distance, architect of this scenery. A lonely bird soars through the sky.

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A helicopter giving a tour. No time to do this on this trip but Venus and I did take a helicopter tour at the South Rim in 1980.

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I managed to relax on a cold rock for a brief time.

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Jeff hangs on for dear life, much to my daughter's dismay. Not really that dangerous.

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JJ didn't buy any souvenirs at the SkyWalk gift shop. Not even a hoodie. He said all he needed was the memories. I like that way of thinking.

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Nooks and crannies and smiling faces everywhere.

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I like this first picture, a tree foreground, canyon background and Venus smiling from below.

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Hey look! A cow. The wildest thing we saw.

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Faces in the bus as we begin the long ride back to Las Vegas.

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Venus insisted on pictures of a Joshua Tree. They became a favorite of hers, I think.

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The Valley of Fire - Nevada

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