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We checked out of Circus, Circus right at the checkout time of 11:00 AM and headed to the airport. We topped off the rental car's gas tank, returned the car and began a 5 hour wait for our flight to Chicago. I bought some more Las Vegas dice and Jeff and I played Farkle on the floor while we waited. We also played Farkle on the plane setting up magazine guard rails to keep the dice from getting lost. I kicked Jeff's butt in those games which made him feel kind of like I feel whenever I play Shannon at Farkle. This deserves an "LOL!".

LV2009S 204.jpg


LV2009S 205.jpg


LV2009S 206.jpg


LV2009S 207.jpg

Chicago had a freezing rain coming down which delayed our plane and threatened to divert us to Cleveland but fortunately did not. Still the rain persisted for two days and on Christmas Day it turned into snow which fell for two more days, giving a 8-10 inch blanket of the white stuff. I hardly ventured out of doors other than a trip with Venus to the store and Christmas Day which was spent at my ex mother-in-laws house. My daughter has 3 dogs and 3 cats and only 2 kids, lol.

LV2009S 208.jpg


LV2009S 209.jpg


LV2009S 210.jpg


LV2009S 211.jpg

I peaked my head out the door as Jeff was shoveling the driveway and Thor was playing in the snow. I got a video but no picture, so click on the pic of Thor on the couch below.


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