Entering Fabulous Las Vegas

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The Fremont Street Experience

We had planned this trip for August but 36 hours before we were scheduled to leave, JJ suffered a partially collapsed lung so we had to delay our trip til now. BTW, the week before Christmas is an excellent time to visit as it is their least busy time of year and hotel rooms are very cheap, ie; $25 a night! We arrive separately at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on December 17,2009 in the afternnon. After I landed, we went to Thrifty Car Rental to get our minivan. We were told to take our pick of vehicles, so when Venus saw the Hawaiian license plate, she decided that had to be our choice. We piled in and tried to navigate to our hotel, Circus Circus on the north end of the Strip. It was nighttime by then and we couldn't tell north from south so we first drove a few miles out of our way until we got our bearings and realized which way was north. We ate supper in the hotel and had all-you-can-eat prime rib. It was horrible.

LV2009S 158.jpg


LV2009S 159.jpg


LV2009V 091.jpg


LV2009V 125.jpg


LV2009V 091.jpg

Friday morning had us out and about exploring on foot near our hotel. We walked to the Stratosphere contemplating a trip to the top and a ride on the Big Shot but were told the winds were too strong and the ride wasn't operating at that time. I have been on this ride 8 years earlier and Venus is adventurous enough to want to ride it also but maybe at a later time.

LV2009S 001.jpg


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At the Sahara Hotel we saw this Burrito Challenge in action. Eat the whole thing in 90 minutes and it is free and you get your picture as one of the 11 or so people who have accomplished this feat since April 2008, I think. If you fail to finish, you get your picture on the Wall of Shame and you have to pay $21.00. We don't know if these fellows finished their burritos or not but my guess is not.

LV2009S 010.jpg


LV2009S 009.jpg


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We met up with a long time friend of Venus', Polly and her husband Chuck and daughter Alex. They live in Phoenix and drove over for the weekend. Chuck used to live in Vegas with his grandparents and they go there to spend a weekend frequently. We bought a bus pass for The Deuce, which is a double-decker bus that goes up and down the strip for $7 per 24 hour period. Later we found out that this bus also traverses the couple miles between the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas, which is a good place to visit.

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We started at the south end near the Luxor hotel, the giant Pyramid, and New York, New York. Temperatures were in the upper 50s but it was sunny.

LV2009V 017.jpg


LV2009V 014.jpg


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Everyone seemed to want to climb on the statues.

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And, of course, JJ was busy texting. We rode the roller coaster at New York, New York which was pricey at $14 a head and the ride was one of the bumpiest I have ever experienced on a coaster. Made me sick to my stomach.

LV2009S 027.jpg


LV2009S 028.jpg


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LV2009S 030.jpg

Here's Polly, Chuck and Alex, then Venus, Jeff and JJ. And, yes, Baylee is a texter, too.

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Any trip along the strip requires a stop and a look at the Bellagio water show.

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Check out a brief video of the display to the tune of Winter Wonderland.

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The Fremont Street Experience

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