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Im writing this at age 92
A thing seniors seem to like to do!
For reading, glasses are a blessing.
With them. No need of second guessing.
My ears are deaf, but aids let me hear
Much of which, Id rather not, I fear.
I ride my bike as good as ever.
Some people think I am clever.
Did I say I was?  No, no, never.
God blessed me with poetic talents.
I aged a bit at 87,
That just brought me closer to Heaven.
At present my mind is sharp
(But have not learned to play a harp).
My steps now are much less faltering
And my health needs very little altering.
There are times when my memory dims,
Particularly in singing hymns.
Once, to church on Saturday I went,
And to early service twice,- non-existent!
Im glad I can laugh at myself, too,
As sometimes many others do!
If this amuses you, I am glad,
If not worth the effort, itd be sad!

Kenneth Fisk
July 28, 2001