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This page is reserved for the poetically inclined among us who wish to see their poems in print on the web.

We get this page started with two poems contributed by Lila and Arlyn written during the time of our mom's first birthday since her passing from this earth. Arlyn took the perspective of our father being without his loving wife, while Lila slanted her thoughts toward our mother's favorite living room chair. Lila's second contribution was written on the one year anniversary of our mother's passing.

Next, my dad, Kenneth Fisk contributes some of his inspirational poems. The first one, When Flowers are Best, is also posted at where he submitted it for competition. The others are in their first run right here.

Next is a newcomer to the poetry scene, my great-niece, Reva Ashby from Steeleville, Illinois. I expect to see more of her poems in here as time goes by.

Then comes some of my contributions. Poetry had never been a specialty of mine but when I was younger I found myself having certain poetic thoughts, many of these inspired by a female. The November and December, 1978 poems were all about a young lady whom I fell head over heels in love with in San Diego once I finally came to the realization that things between Sue and I were over. Shelley, if you ever happen to read any of this, please send me an e-mail and tell me how you are doing these days.

I hope you enjoy our family's literary prowess.

Lila Ashby


August 30, 2000

A Star Named Marie

Killer Purse

Red Hat Lady

Arlyn Fisk

Dear Dad

Kenneth Fisk

When Flowers are Best

He Walks and Talks With Me

Trusting Faith

Senior Citizens Ode


Chipped Off the Old Block

Summer Food Treats


Senior Citizens


Labor Day


Old Bin Laden

To Arlyn

The Bensons


Ultimate Peace

Reva Ashby

Strange Creature


Stan Fisk

I Am, or Am I?


The "Wait"ress

When I Think About You


Favorite works by published authors, known and unknown.

If - by Rudyard Kipling

A Poem for Computer Users Over 40 - Author Unknown

Old Time Radio Stars - The Two Black Crows - Comedy Bits - Mack and Moran