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Trivial Stuff

I have been called a "Fountain of Useless Information" by some of my family and I take pride in that fact. This page is my dedication to the art of trivia collection.

Christmas Synonyms described in convoluted English

Actors names and their birth names

Cute Limericks using the names Lewinsky and Kaczynski

Goldwynisms - My father first pointed out Goldwynisms to me and I found many examples in a book on Movie Trivia

History of "Taps"

How about a quiz on this country's geography?

Murphy's Computer Laws

30 Computer Administrator Annoyances

Oddities Between Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy

Presidential Election Vote 2000 County by County as shown in USA Today

Uncommon Facts of unknown origins

Word Origins

Izzy, the mascot of 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Izzy, the mascot of 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.