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I have a trait of producing mirth.
And I have had much on this earth.
Here I am at 92 plus one.
I canít believe so much time has gone.
Blessings unnumbered, I cherish,
In fact, it almost seems nightmarish!
May I bless others, ere I perish.
When I think of all I have done,
Joys outweigh sorrows every one.
My life has been full, yet Iím amazed.
When I consider all Iíve done, Iím dazed.
During which time I repaired bikes,
Yes, and washing machines and the likes.
News reporting gave me a thrill,
Memories of those days are with me still.
One from Estonia related to me
How others made their way free.
A Lutheran, he became an area pastor.
I learned first hand of Hitlerís caused disaster.
Five installments the story took,
Gee, I could almost write a book!
Then Gene Scheele was another gem.
Church humor, lack space to tell them.
Iíve created humor as well as verse,
This is not the best, it could be worse.
Enjoy my Natal day, if you may!

Kenneth Fisk
March 2002
Writing for my 93rd birthday,
which is June 28, 2002