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Dad and Arlyn by the lake: Summer 1999

Dear Dad,

I'm sitting here thinking of you,
And mom of course, as you are too.
It's now, I know, her date of birth,
And cards won't travel from this earth.
So I share these lines with you,
Remembering times that weren't so blue.
I know you miss her, as I do too,
I'm proud you handle it as you do.
It proves to me your faith indeed,
Is not just snow flakes on a tree.
I remember things that mom would say,
Things that guide me to this day.
I know that she would say of this,
We had good times and lots of bliss,
Even hard times weren't so bad
As you and mom were rarely sad.
You handled very awkward tests,
With your head held high,you did your best.
I think I've rambled long enough,
So I think I'll close to do other stuff.
Have Faith and be happy,
(Who am I kidding I know you will).

Your oldest son...that would be Arlyn

February 2000