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	I Am, Or Am I?

I am a child.  I am a fool.  I am alone.  I am afraid.
I am.  I think.  I believe.  I do.  I see.  I feel.
I cannot understand what it is that surrounds me.
I cannot understand what it is within me.

Am I alive?  Am I an illusion?  Who can tell me?
I fear.  I fear so many things yet I fear nothing at all.
I never feel at home.  I am always home.
I am lost.  I wander about with my eyes closed
Groping with my hands for something to touch,
Something to give it all meaning.

I am not.  Am I?  Do I need help?  What is help?
I am not me.  I am you.  Are you me, too?
Questions.  I ask many questions.  I find few answers
Quit looking.  Stop!  Arretez!  Relax!

It will all be as it will all be.  Do nothing.
Simply be.  Can I?  I donít know because 
I cannot know because I am not me, I am that.
It is all one.  BE.

Do not DO.  Just BE.  Doing is not being.
Doing is hard.  Being is easy.
I am not what I do.  I am only what I am.
DO and BE!

I do - what?  Something?  Nothing?
I am.  I simply am.  Arenít I?

Written 11/21/1975 
by Stan Fisk