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Mom posing by the bushes: date unknown


Her chair sits in the corner
With the imprint of her head. 
Her closet now is empty 
Beside her waiting bed. 
An afghan draped across the couch, 
Her crafts beside the chair. 
The yard swing swaying in the breeze 
Like it did when she sat there. 
Her place mat on the table, 
Her birthday so very sad. 
No gifts to buy at Christmas, 
Only loneliness for Dad. 
The house is vey quiet, 
Her Bible gathers dust. 
The memories so heartfelt 
But go on with life we must. 
I look back in memories 
To a loving happy place. 
I long to hear her voice again, 
Feel her kiss upon my face. 
Constant tears have no place in life 
Each of us must now move on, 
To touch HER only in our thoughts 
Because our Mom is gone. 

In loving memory of my Mom, 
Marie L. Fisk  
2/14/1912 -  8/30/1999 
87 short years.

by Lila Ashby  2-14-2000