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	The "Wait"ress

She waits alone, as she has done so many times before,
Wondering where he is and when he will come.
She waits alone thinking of her loneliness and
What she should do; just what can be done.

	So long ago it seems
	Since she shared her dreams
	With a man who cares.

She waits alone gathering the courage to tell him goodbye,
To go out on her own and start anew,
But the habit has been formed and she finds it so hard
To make the break and do what she knows she must do.

	So long ago it seems
	Since she gave up her dreams
	For a man who doesnít care.

She bides her time waiting for it to be right
And clings to a hope that maybe tonight
Things will be different, her future be bright
And her plans can come true, if only he might
See what heís got before he throws it away.
But alas, he is blinded by the flavor of youth
And canít see what he has, only what he is missing.

	So long ago it seems
	Since she chased her dreams
	And found a man who doesnít care.

She can escape from her trap if sheís willing to try
With a new man who is patiently waiting.
But the time is not right, sheís not ready tonight,
Thereís a price she must pay and she does it by hating.

	So long ago it seems
	But I found my dreams
	And I really do care.

She sits in silence and she suffers alone
For she doesnít know what she should do.
I wait alone, as I have so often done
Dreaming and longing to be with you.

	So long ago it seems
	Can we share our dreams
	And throw away the despair.

She tells me to be patient, at least for awhile,
Iíll give you forever, if I can just see you smile
And pick up the phone, your number to dial
And hear your voice soothe me, Iíd walk sixty miles
To be with you for one short minute.
But alas, she is blinded by the color of caution
And canít see what she is missing, only what she has.

	So long ago it seems
	That she shared her dreams
	Tomorrow will they still be there?

Written 11/24/1978 
by Stan Fisk