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To Arlyn

Oft Iíve found the going very tough,
For the path of life can be rough.
I thank God He led my steps aright,
Trying always to walk in His light.
Disappointment and sorrows did come
I have to admit Iíve had some.
Success today is not rightly defined
Not by what you may have left behind.
Helping those in need is always good,
I tried to do that whenever I could.
Things change all around us, so do we.
"He who changes not" abides with me.
Amazing the changes Iíve seen,
Horse drawn carts, to those of gasoline!
Wireless, earphones, then speakers loud,
Just owning one made some people proud.
Telephone, telegraph, voice, then yet-
TV, pictures afore, then internet
Roads plain dirt, oiled and corduroy,
Black top with concrete, we sure are spoiled.
Air travel, so now commonplace,
Even journeys into outer space.
Candles, kerosene and gas gave us light.
Electricity really lit up the night
And in many ways gives us pleasure
And lightens our loads for good measure.