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	Ultimate Peace

Working for peace is one of merit.
Oh! If everyone could just share it!
Many statements about peace are made
Some almost amount to a tirade.
How about the one, "We’ll have peace
If we have to fight for it"?
It never seems to help one bit.
Every religion does not unite,
Because man thinks only he is right.
Today’s war on terror proves this quite true,
Military groups uphold others false, thus are too.
Since all stem from the same source,
They cannot all be true, of course.
Even Paul, a Christ believer, erred,
After he knew God, His love he shared.
Even Jesus predicts today’s ills.
Wars and rumors of wars fulfills
A part of that, but there’s more!
Illness, heart failure, all in store.
Scripture makes it plain, to endure,
Only "the Prince of Peace makes it sure".
Jesus said, "Hold the fort for I am coming!"
So do your best to keep peace hopes humming!

Kenneth Fisk
June 2002