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The snow began with a few flurries early in the morning and had gradually picked up until the flakes were large and filled the entire sky. Already it had made the streets outside impassable and here and there one could see an abandoned automobile peering out from the blankets of white snow that engilfed it. Down the street were a couple of young boys going from house to house in back-breaking toil, shovelling clear the walks and driveways. But no sooner would they finish a job than the walk was covered with a fresh supply; much to the delight of the boys and the chagrin of the owners.

Martha turned from the window to face the emaciated body of her husband lying motionless in the bed. His haggard face showed years of fatigue; his weary eyes were deep set and closed. She cautiously moved to his bedside to redistribute the anatomy under the blankets. She had made them herself and as she touched his cold arms she thought of the days she spent with her looms up in the livingroom, creating the works of comfort she bestowed upon her loved ones. "Is that better, dear?" she asked as she tucked the blankets under his chin. But she knew he couldnít answer back. He wasn;t aware she even said anything.

Frost was forming on the window. It now covered the entire bottom pane in a sparkling array of crystalline beauty. Martha knew she couldnít get out to the store now. She had so wanted to fix some tea. John always loved hot tea on a winters day. But there would be none today. She trudged into the bathroom to relieve her runny nose of its agony.

She returned rather hastily to his bedside. The snow had abruptly ceased and the clouds were slowly rolling away, carrying the gloom with them. The old man hadnít moved in hours. Martha sighed, then knelt down beside him. She thought of the day they had met many long years ago. It, too, was sunshine breaking in on a hard snow. She kissed his cheek. He is very cold, in fact this room is cold. Perhaps I had better turn up the heat. She walked into the hallway from the bedroom. A single tear made its way down her cheek and dripped onto her long, bony hand. The thermostat was set at 82 degrees.