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Trivial Stuff

This is a quiz about American geography concerning the biggest, smallest, highest, etc. kinds of questions. They are not all easy or well known. See how knowledgeable you are!

Can you name the.......

1.	largest state?
2.	smallest state?
3.	largest county (outside of Alaska)?
4.	smallest county?
5.	Easternmost city?
6.	Easternmost point?
7.	Westernmost city?
8.	Westernmost point?
9.	Northernmost city?
10.	Northernmost point?
11.	Southernmost city?
12.	Southernmost point?
13.	lowest point?
14.	highest waterfall?
15.	longest river?
16.	deepest lake?
17.	rainiest spot?
18.	highest mountain?
19.	largest gorge?
20.	deepest gorge?
21.	oldest national park?
22.	largest national park?
23.	largest national monument?
24.	largest building?
25.	tallest structure?
26.	longest bridge span?
27.	highest bridge?
28.	biggest dam?

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