Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 2 - Hershey, PA

Venus and our leaky tent. JJ is a curious 9 year old boy, always interested in nature around him.








The look of pure, unadulterated terror is on JJ's face! Remember, JJ, fear is a necessary part of the ride. It's what gives us the thrill!




Day 2

Wednesday, July 2nd Hershey, PA written 11:00 PM

It is raining steadily at our Hershey Highmeadow campsite and it has been for the past hour and is getting heavier and heavier. The tent started dripping on Venus so we searched around for the guy ropes to tighten the rain flaps. Finally found them in the tent box where Venus had looked already. I think the rain sounds quite pleasant and sleep should be good tonight. Oops, wait a minute! Venus just said it is still leaking on her side so we have to re-arrange the inside. Hope the rest of the tent remains dry. Good thing she went back to the store and got a 17 by 11 foot tent!

Spent the entire day and evening at Hersheypark. It was a perfect day; low 80's, cloud cover, light wind, short lines and all kinds of cool roller coasters, water rides and stuff to do! JJ took his very first adult roller coaster ride today. Inn fact, he rode on three, one of which had an upside down loop. He didn't really care too continue riding them, however, but he is coming around slowly. A unique ride, the Roller Soaker, was an interesting combo of coaster and water ride. JJ got the the sweatshirt. I quit on water rides at that one and dried off almost by sunset. Will visit the Museum and Chocolate Tour tomorrow before leaving for Gettysburg.

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