Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 16 - Cooperstown, NY to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Keene State College is in Keene, New Hampshire. Cooperstown is in central New York.








Stan Musial was my boyhood hero. The Babe Ruth curse for Boston and my namesake, Carlton, doing the dance of joy in the World Series.








Cubs win 166 in one year, Gherig and Musial's lockers and the newest Cardinal great, Albert Pujols.








Let's drive on over to Canada and see what's going on at Niagara Falls, OK?








Welcome to Ontario, remember our money is different than yours. And prettier! So are our falls!




Day 16

Wednesday, July 16th Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada written 10:30 PM

Luckily the campground had a drier for our wet clothes, again. Men's shower (25 cents for 6 minutes) only gave me a trickle of water so that wasn't much fun either. Just before the clothes were all dry and before we got the tent down, the rains came again and we had to scramble to get it down and finish packing. We got damp in the process but escaped a drenching and we left without ever paying for the site. So sorry.

Went into town and spent about three hours touring the Baseball Hall of Fame. Very interesting! Lots of cool stuff and even Venus enjoyed it, not being a baseball fan. Much of the Hall was closed, however, for renovations and expansion but it was well worth the trip. I got a cap and Venus and Abbot and Costello "Who" jersey. Ate lunch at Black Bart's Café, good hamburgers!

We drove up Route 28 to I90, took the New York Thruway toll all the way to Buffalo and crossed into Canada on the Peace Bridge. We are staying at a Best Western on Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls tonight and tomorrow night. We took a drive past the falls to show Venus and JJ and they were impressed, much larger than they expected.

Ate dinner at Nick and Angelo's (JJ caught a fly between his thumb and forefinger, pretty cool!) and got our first Canadian money in change. JJ took the coins. Exchange rate is 34% at a bank, 30% at our hotel and 20% at this restaurant. Back to the hotel in time for Jacuzzi, but the jets quit working as soon as we got in. Venus is exchanging some US dollars for Canadian for our tour of the Falls area tomorrow

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