Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 7 - Washington, DC

This Liberty Bell is outside Union Station in DC. Presidential Limousine and entourage passed by our tour bus as we were waiting. Can't see inside the tinted windows, though.








Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln enshrined in their monuments to the world.








Korea and Vietnam. Two wars our country gained nothing from but heartaches.








JJ's red hat was picked up at Hersheypark, literally! I asked JJ to get the hat which had apparently been abandoned because I wanted it but was afraid to go get it. He did but it wasn't my size. Perfect for JJ, though.






Day 7

Monday, July 7th Greenbelt, MD written Tuesday 8:00 AM

Hopped on the Metro Green Line, transferred to the Red Line at Fort Totten and got off at Union Station. A Tour Mobile shuttle was there so we hopped right on and rode to the Washington Monument. Just before we got of there traffic was stopped for 5-10 minutes to allow the President's entourage to pass to the White House. We got a picture of his limo as it passed. He has been in Landover, MD talking to school kids and was going on his trip to Africa. We viewed the monument, Lincoln and Jefferson and Korean Memorials and the Vietname Wall. JJ sat right down in a patch of clover at a tour bus stop and promptly found a four-leaf clover. Mid-day heat plus 95 degrees turned into heavy rain in afternoon but by then we were in the American History Museum. Saw lots of memorabilia, MASH goblets, Mud Hens Pennant, Charlie McCarthy, The Woolworth's Lunch Counter, 1960 Greensboro, NC sit-in, all about the presidents but George Washington's teeth are not there, they are at his estate in Mount Vernon. Venus was extremely disappointed, she really wanted to see those teeth! Museum cloed at 5:30.

So then we went through the Museum of Natural History, very elaborate display on animal skeletons of all kinds and an amazing display on insects and arthropods. JJ was in his true element, he loves bugs, and it was very well laid out and presented. Museum closed at 7:30 PM and we walked a mile and a half at least back to Union Station and ate supper downstairs. There are at least 40 restaurants of all kinds at Union Station. Venus and JJ ate salads, I ate a burrito and then we rode the train back to Greenbelt. At the campground we found a hard rain had fallen and the inside of the tent was quite thoroughly soaked. Still leaking on the top and through the front door flap, which we left partly open. Our bedding was wet, we made do, but Venus slept little and we are up early and sitting in Laundry World in College Park washing and drying before we do anything else today.

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