Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 4 - Gettysburg, PA

Our 3 hour tour turned into an all-day-affair, but what a great Independence Day it was!








Neither Venus or JJ would walk up the lookouts with me, so I trudged up the stairs alone and took pictures.








The battlefields surround the town. It was not at all how I pictured Gettysburg.








Although the major battle reenactment was postponed, there were still many reenactors there camping out and explaining the battle to knowledge hungry visitors like us.








Venus freaked out when she saw this wild turkey in the trees. Sometimes the simplest things.....






Everywhere you look along the battlefield are monuments and memorials and statues.








I was so glad when we finally found the fence discussed as being a hindrance to the Confederates during Pickett's Charge on the last day of the battle.








Day 4

Friday, July 4th Gettysburg, PA written 10:00 PM

Up and ready to go late, 11:00 AM, after the late laundry last night. Breakfast at the Lincoln Diner, no time for desserts this morning either, then we started on a self-driving CD tour of the battlefield. It was billed as a three hour tour, hey Gilligan, but it took us a full eight hours to complete. It was an incredibly interesting day, learned lots of details of the battles. There are over 1350 monuments and memorials spread out along all the roads, fields, woods, pastures and farms around the town in all shapes and sizes honoring individuals, regiments, brigades and states from both the Union and Confederate Armies. Simply amazing scenery and not at all as I had pictured!

JJ was watching a Union re-enactor demonstrating his rifle and belongings and we found out there is a small re-enactment scheduled for tomorrow. JJ and I each held the long rifle for a time. Since the main re-enactment had been postponed before we even started this trip, we were glad to hear this news. We do plan to be there in the morning. Visited the National Cemetary where Lincoln gave his infamous Gettysburg Address.

Dinner at the Lincoln Diner again and still had no room for their lovely desserts. JJ was disappointed because there was no fireworks for tonight. Since many of the festivities had been postponed or cancelled due to the earlier wet weather, the fireworks were scheduled for tomorrow night and we will be back on the road by then. Currently Venus is explaining things about Washington, DC to JJ. She's trying to pique his interest in learning in general and history in particular. He just stated that the first state was Delaware. Probably remembered that from his state quarter collection. His attention starts to wane but Venus lures him back, she is such a patient teacher.

Our main joke, at my expense, is me asking to see a cup holder at Hardee's. We got these huge drinks there and after he handed them to me I asked to see what their cup holder looked like. It was really a cup "carrier" which I refused but Venus and JJ almost died laughing at me cause I wanted to "see what a cup holder looked like". It would become a standing joke for the rest of the trip.

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