Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 9 - Pocomoke, MD to New York City, NY

Travel day! It takes about an hour and a half to drive lengthways through Delaware. What did Delaware? She wore a brand New Jersey!








We saw the Liberty Bell, this is not the original, but the third one of its' kind actually. All of them crack. We had wanted to tour the mint, but thanks to Osama, it is closed. Oh well. Life is short, so we must move on to the city.








Day 9

Wednesday, July 9th New York City, NY written 11:00 PM

Up and on the road by 10:00 AM. Stopped for lunch at a Friendly's in Seaford, Delaware. Drove into Philadelphia and saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The bell is not kept in the hall anymore, it has its' own private glass building for viewing across the street from Independence Hall in a Mall (like DC) area with parking underground. The clearance for the underground parking was 6 feet 6 inches which we drove into not thinking about the extra height of the cargo box on top of Vuela. Luckily we didn't crash it. We didn't spend much time in Philly and after a missed turn cost us $3 to cross back over the Ben Franklin Bridge back into Philly, we headed for New York City.

I95 runs crazy around Trenton, New Jersey and we had to go north around Trenton, then south and east again before we actually got back on I95 which was then called the New Jersey Turnpike. We took it to the Lincoln Tunnel and after 45 minutes of stop and go traffic and a $6 entry fee, we crossed into Manhattan. Missed signs for both New Jersey and New York and will have to get those later. But once in Manhattan we ended up on 8th Avenue which led us directly to the parking entrance for the Howard Johnson's where I had earlier phoned for reservations at 8th and 51st Street. Chaos reigns supreme here. We frantically gathered our stuff from the car, checked it in and ourselves and went to our room on the 9th floor.

After I took a shower I remembered I had left my checkbook and another wallet with $1000 in it in the car. Venus ran downstairs and luckily the car hadn't been parked yet, so she was able to retrieve both. We breathed a heavy sigh of relief. We walked down to Times Square gawking at all the lights, activity and madness. Used a bathroom in a two-story Macdonalds and ate a very cheap supper in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Got a map of the subway and bus system and planned our route for Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty tomorrow. Saw Fire Station #54 memorials for men lost on 9/11 nearby our hotel.

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