Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 5 - Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC

These reenactors demonstrated marching and firing.








Temperatures this day were in the 90's much like weather would have been in 1863. Wool uniforms would have to be the worst.








Imagine the smoke and noise from some 70,000 soldiers firing rifles and cannons!










It's only about an hour's drive from Gettysburg to Washington, DC. White House tours are cancelled, thanks to Osama and company.








Day 5

Saturday, July 5th Greenbelt, MD written Sunday 10:00 AM

Had breakfast at Holiday Inn then off to see a demonstration of Pennsylvania infantry troops. Showed how they maneuvered troops around and fired blanks. Second showing included three cannons firing. Alabama Cavalry group included six horses per caisson and cannon. Was very hot again today, mid 90's. Watched a short movie about the battle at the Cyclorama Center but opted out of the 360 degree picture and light show.

Drove to DC and set up camp at a National Park in Greenbelt, Maryland, just outside the Beltway (I495) east of College Park. Only $14 a night! Venus drove us into DC and we were disappointed with the White House, can't get very close to it at all and an ugly black fence is in the way. Chased away by police from the west side of Pennsylvania Avenue. Drove in to town on Rhode Island Ave and back out on New York Ave. We ate dinner at Jasper's nearby and then went back to camp. We started a camp fire and JJ had fun keeping it stoked and burning. Still very hot out, near 80 but by now we're all so tired sleep came easily. JJ and I watched a daddy long legs spider suck on a small worm near the fire. Very interesting.

Planning now to drive to the Metro Train, one and a half miles away and take it to the city and then do a guided shuttle tour, narrated and you can get off and on as you please. It goes most everywhere we want to see and our feet are really sore!

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