Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 3 - Hershey, PA to Gettysburg, PA

With so much wet weather this year, the organizers of the annual Gettysburg Battlefield Reenactments were forced to postpone this year's event held the closest weekend to July 4th. Many celebrations continued on anyway.






The Farnsworth House was one of the Bed and Breakfast places Venus tried to get us a room for the night. It's a popular place, though, and we had to settle for lodging at the Holiday Inn and dinner and ghost stories at Farnsworth.






Day 3

Thursday, July 3rd Gettysburg, PA written Midnight

Up at 8:30, spent some time shaking and drying things from the tent, then we took the shuttle to Chocolate World and the Hershey Museum. Saw an intriguing 3D movie about Hershey chocolates and the interesting history behind the man, Milton S. Hershey, who started the chocolate factory in 1900 with $1 million he got from the sale of his caramel plant in Lancaster, PA. His innovative ideas helped him build the town of Hershey for his workers and provided them entertainment with the amusement park built in his birth place.

We broke camp about 2:00 PM and drove the short 50 or so miles Southwest to Gettysburg. Checked into the Holiday Inn Battlefield and had a late lunch at the famous Farnsworth House. Later we went back there for a talk in the attic about the battlefield history, ghost stories in the cellar and a walking ghost story tour including a hanging tree, the old jail house, now the police station, the German Reformed Church and an old schoolhouse which bot had served as crude hospitals for the battle.

The Farnsworth House was the home of Catherine Sweeney and her daughter, Lizzie, who left as the Confederates came to town. They used this house, particularly the attic window facing south, to fire on the Union soldiers on Cemetary Hill, which is where the Holiday Inn is now located. Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed in this historic battle, lived in the house just south of the Holiday Inn. She was shot by a sniper while cooking dinner in her home.

We had a late dinner/breakfast at the Lincoln Diner whose desserts we were admiring but had no room left. Did laundry until 1:30 AM and I fell into a hysterical laughter fit trying to put my clothes away. All I seemed to be doing was moving them from one place to another!

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