Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 8 - Washington, DC to Pocomoke, MD

We stopped for a couple of hours at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia for a look at 18th century southern life.








The temperature was in the upper 90's and our feet were so sore from walking that this tour about did them in. We tried to go to Jamestown afterwards, but they closed it down at 5:30.








So Venus made me drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. She thought she would be scared but she wasn't. It's 20 miles across the bay to the eastern shore with two mile long tunnels thrown in along the way.











Day 8

Tuesday, July 8th Pocomoke, MD written 11:00 PM

We washed 5 loads of laundry, broke camp and got on the road by 11:00. We drove 420 miles today and ended up back in Maryland again but now we're on the eastern portion between Virgina and Delaware, staying in a Quality Inn in Pocomoke, 2 miles north of Virginia and close to Accomac. I love the names of these towns! After finishing the laundry, including our wet bedding, we drove south into Virgina and ate lunch at Mechanicsville at the Prairie Schooner, a little local restaurant near Richmond, Virginia. We stopped and did a two and a half hour walking tour of Colonial Williamsburg. Very quaint, interesting look at the former 1774 Virgina capital. Mine and Venus's feet are squawking loudly at us again after more walking. Blisters are very sore. Don't know how the people who live and work in this village can deal with those long, heavy clothes in 90 degree weather every day. We tried to see Jamestown but it closed at 5:30! What a deal!

So we continued southeast on I64 into Norfolk and Virginia Beach and drove across the 20 plus mile stretch of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel system We stopped at the Thimble Shoals Tunnel, three and a half miles into the bridge, walked around and on the pier and ate dinner at the Seagull Pier Restaurant at sunset. Getting punch-tired, exhausted actually, we stopped for the night at the first place that had a room. Showers felt wonderful and after last night's wet, fitful sleep, a bed is going to feel amazing! Night, night.

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