Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 6 - Washington, DC

Venus found a National Park with a campgrounds, that had showers, of course, right on the edge of the Beltway, Interstate 495 in Greenbelt, Maryland. The campground was about 2 1/2 miles from the entrance and it seemed like we were really deep in the woods, but really we weren't.








The Capital Building had no flags flying from it while we were there, meaning neither side was in session. JFK gets the Eternal Flame and his wife, Jacquie and two babies are buried beside him.








Bobby only gets a plain gravestone marker and a cross. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was way cool!








The Sergeant inspected the incoming private face to face, with a white glove for about 5 minutes. Extremely intense and interesting!








Trivia Fact: Robert E. Lee used to own the property where Arlington Cemetary is located. His old house is still there. When he turned down Abraham Lincoln's offer to run the Union Army and instead accepted the Confederate charge, he and his family moved to Richmond, Virginia. While he was gone, the US government instituted property taxes on his estate with the caveat that they must be paid in person, hoping to attract General Lee back to Washington. He refused and the government confiscated his property for lack of payment of taxes. Wasn't that a fine kick in the rear section!








Day 6

Sunday, July 6th Greenbelt, MD written Monday 9:00 AM

Decided to just drive into the city instead of taking the Metro since parking on the street is free on weekends and traffic wasn't so bad. Bought a two day pass on the Tour Mobile and let them drive us around. Had breakfast at a "Familiy", spelled just like that, Restaurant in College Park, former MacDonald's building. Saw Laundry World, was clothes and shoot pool, what a great idea for a business that would work in Gainesville, too.

On the Tour Mobile, we rode along the Mall and got off at the Capital Building for photo ops. Then took it into Virginia and Arlington Cemetary with stops at JFK's eternal flame, buried with Jacquie and two babies. RFK is in a simpler site nearby. Saw headstones for the Captain of the flight that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, his 52nd birthday would have been on 9/12 the next day. By the way, the Pentagon opened on 9/11 sixty years earlier. Watched the "changing of the guard" at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Very dramatic!! An Army Sergeant inspected the incoming Private very closely, white glove style, nose to nose almost! Impressive! Saw General Lee's former house before he left for Richmond and Confederate Command. United States took possession of his property at Arlington for non-payment of taxes that were levied on it after he left with the stipulation that they must be paid in person by the person owning the property. Lee never returned to pay the taxes and the estate eventually became Arlington National Cemetary. Never knew that before.

Washington Monument is sinking 1/40 of an inch per year. Entered the American History Museum with 15 minutes before closing at 5:00 PM and since JJ had a headache anyway, we called the day of sightseeing over. Will go back today a little earlier. Decided to spend the tonight at this campground also and tour DC today. Rained a little last night, no leaks in the tent this time. Very hot agina yesterday and will be again today. Weird dream this morning, Cathy Weber was with me in Percy, Illinois, I got bit by a "coral" snake, doctor didn't think it was poisonous and Luna broke her hind legs. Dreams are funny sometimes.

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