Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 15 - Kennebunkport, ME

You can get anything you want at Allison's Restaurant. Venus beat me to this song title. Poor girl, I drove her nuts with songs while we were gone. Everything reminds me of a song and especially so on this trip and I sang them frequently. But before I had the chance to start this song, Venus began singing and said, "Oh my God, I'm getting to be as bad as you!" You gotta love it!








Quaint little town, probably sleepy in the winter, but bustling with activity during tourist season.








Although the beach doesn't have a whole lot of activity on it for a July day. Temperature is about 70 degrees.








JJ made friends wherever he went. Always hooking up with someone near his age. That's a good trait.






Day 15

Tuesday, July 15th Cooperstown, NY written Wednesday 10:30 PM

Drove from Portsmouth, NH to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine through some very lovely scenery. Ate lobster at Allison's Restaurant, a favorite eating place of the Secret Service while George 41 is in town; he's not here now. Drove past his compound on the peninsula and were chased from the end of the driveway where we had stopped to get a better picture by a Secret Service man, we presume.

Went to the small, local beach where JJ swam and Venus waded and I touched the water with my hand and said, yes, it's cold! Kennebunkport is a wuaint little town but very crowded with tourists. Bought some souvenirs and headed back south into New Hampshire. Drove across on 101 through Manchester, the Route 9 to Keene. Got a picture of Fiske Annex Building at Keene State College. Found a Live Free or Die cap and some maple syrup in a store that had almost everything you could think of for sale. Venus drove us through Vermont and we went back and forth a couple times on three different roads trying to find a welcome to Vermont sign but there were none anywhere! Very disappointed! Took a picture of something that said Vermont instead.

We continued on through New York all the way to Cooperstown and there were no hotel rooms available at 11:00 PM so we went to Beaver Vally Campgrounds. We set up the tent in the dark and as the rains started to fall. And it rained all night long, very hard and we got wet and didn't sleep much at all. That was a miserable night and is why this day's entry is written the following evening.

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