Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 12 - New York City, NY to Boston, MA

Another travel day. Our feet need it. Besides getting road sign pictures is a lot of work sometimes.














Day 12

Saturday, July 12th Cambridge, MA written 10:00 PM

Slept in and checked out of HoJo's about 11:00 AM. Cost us $29 per day to park the car but check out was fast and Vuela arrived quickly. Venus drove us uptown Manhattan and we tried to get on the Gerge Washington Bridge but it took two attempts. We needed a picture of the welcome sign to New Jersey so we drove across the GW Bridge and got one of a plain old green sign and suddenly a nicer one appeared, so I had Venus stop on the shoulder and I ran back and took it cloe up. We drove miles out of our way in New Jersey to bypass the New York City area again and then I missed the sign for Connecticut. So we had to go from Connecticut to Rhode Island, missed the sign again, then back to Connecticut then Rhode Island, one more try, then finally Connecticut to Rhode Island before we finally had them both. Whew! Managed to get the Massachusetts sign on the first try. Hooray!

I drove around Boston awhile, through the new Ted Williams Tunnel and Bridge, part of Boston's Big Dig, until we finally found a Best Western Hotel in Cambridge not far from the Harvard campus. We ate dinner across the street at the Ground Round. Venus asked for us to be moved to another table because of the loud and unruly kids and parents next to us. JJ and her went to the pool and whirlpool. I may have to do that tomorrow.

At just over 2000 miles on this journey plus the nearly 1100 from my house to Venus' makes it time to find a Saturn dealer and get an oil change. We will be using the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA or just the T) tomorrow to begin our local explorations.

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