Summer 2003 Northeastern US Roadtrip

Day 11 - New York City, NY

The subways were extremely clean, people friendly, yes, it's true, and Coney Island wasn't what I thought it would be.








The Cyclone roller coaster looks rather tame but once you get on it, it is a bit scary. I've been told it has actually claimed a life.








Venus and JJ were happy to get in the ocean water. I thought it was way too cold but what do I know.








Took this opportunity to catch up on some sleep and rest my weary dogs.








Saw my dog's name, Luna, and had to get a picture. The walk down to Central Park was refreshing. Trump Tower, CBS Letterman Studios, it's all part of the attraction. Amazing how many people are packed in such a small area!








Day 11

Friday, July 11th New York City, NY written 9:30 PM

Slept a little later this morning, got going about 11:00. Took the W train from 49th Street and 7th Avenue all the way to Brooklyn and the end of the line and spent the afternoon at Coney Island. JJ was eager to ride the Cyclone roller coaster at Astroland Amusement Park, which was more like a small town carnival. Ate sausage and onion sandwiches on the boardwalk. JJ and Venus went in the water and I took a nap on the beach. Played miniature golf and Venus had two holes in one in a row!

Caught the W train back to midtown. Took a walk up to the edge of Central Park and watched a statue man for awhile. Passed David Letterman's CBS Studio on 7th Avenue. Ducked into a TGI Friday's during a sudden heavy rain, but the excessive prices, and the rain stopping, drove us back to the street and on to Texas, Texas Restaurant. We did some more shopping and walking afterwards and got some ice cream in a basement store.

I'm amazed at the number of people employed in this city to just watch; doorways, streets, trains, buildings, beaches, people everywhere making sure nothing is stolen, no one is breaking laws, people and property is safe. I've never seen so many people paid to simply watch stuff! I'm also amazed at how friendly people are here. I didn't expect nice, helpful people in New York City, quite the opposite, but everywhere we went the people were friendly. Helping us on the subway, pleasant vendors, shopkeepers, passing us by on the street. Everyone has been extremely nice and courteous except for the hotel clerk, whom I expected to be friendly. She was less than helpful on two occasion I spoke to her. Go figure. And the subway/train/bus sytem is extremely well designed and efficient and I felt very safe on it. Overall, I'm very impressed and surprised by what I found in this largest American city. Way to go New York!

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