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Poetry and Politics

As a young man, I was dissatisfied with the way things were going and the politicians in power. There was the Stock Market crash of '29 followed by the Depression.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt seemed a good choice in 1932, so I actively supported him. The C.C.C. camps to aid employment of youths was one accomplishment, evidences of which are still apparent. Then we are indebted to him for the Social Security System. Few of us at the time ever hoped to benefit from it. By the time we did, for many it was pitifully low. But my intent is to record some history in poetry of that period, 1932-1944. I'm in agreement with a lot of the good he accomplished.

During his second term I was fast becoming disenchanted, especially when so many politicians began getting powerful. I deplored the destruction of crops due to surplus; paying farmers not to raise crops. Plenty of large concerns and large land owners were "reaping where they had not sewed."

So much ensued in his second term to cause me to turn against him. So when he sought an unprecedented third term, I ardently worked against him - to no avail, of course. In spite of his statement that he'd "never send our boys into a foreign war", I have to give him credit for his brave endeavors to encourage the nation and bold plans and proposals.

So I began writing poems about him, going back to term one and two, and about some of the others of the time. They will mention things today's youth know nothing of, but based on fact and news.

Here they are.

Dewey Campaign Song

Indispensible Man

The Trojan Horse Scare



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